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Video Resources:

An Introduction to Benedictus

Art and Music 1050-1800

The video below was made to present a course on the artistic and cultural contexts of music to students at the Royal Academy of Music.

It formed part of the lecture Culture and the Western Canon given by Clare Hornsby in the UK, Italy and in the USA. Read the lecture below.


Our Matters of Principle


The Benedictus Matters of Principle was written in 2011 as a founding document, setting out the aims and objectives of the College.
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Jean-Pierre Casey: closing speech of the 2015 Research Forum


Jean-Pierre Casey, a member of the Board of Trustees of Benedictus Trust, gave a stirring and inspiring talk to close the Forum this June.
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Newman's Idea of a University


In 1858 Cardinal John Henry Newman published a volume of lectures entitled The Idea of a University, which explained his philosophy of education.

Newman believed in a middle way between free thinking and moral authority - one that would respect the rights of knowledge as well as the rights of Revelation.

This is a summary by the Society for the Study of Cardinal Newman. If you would like to read the full work please go to
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Rowan Williams on True Education


In 2004, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams gave a fascinating Oxford University Commemoration Day Sermon on the weaknesses in the current UK philosophy of higher education and the need for, and great value of, true education.
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Dorothy L. Sayers on Classical Education


Alongside writing very popular detective novels Dorothy L. Sayers also wrote an influential and witty essay on the value of classical education. It was first presented at Oxford in 1947.
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Culture and the Western Canon


Clare Hornsby, one of the founders of Benedictus, gave this lecture in the UK, Italy and the USA in 2013.

The lecture is entitled Culture and the Western Canon: the Arts Expressing the Thought of Catholic Europe.

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Summer School Award Winning Essay


“The reason… why the philosopher may be likened to the poet is this: both are concerned with the marvellous” (Thomas Aquinas): Terror and hope: the reaction of philosophy and poetry in front of wonder. Essay by Cecilia Leardini, the inaugural Summer School Stratdford Caldecott Memorial Award winner, 2014.
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