Our Third Academic Research Forum was held at Blackfriars in Oxford in June 2016

The theme of the Colloquium was

The Liberal Arts: Education and Society

The Keynote Speaker was PROFESSOR ANTHONY O'HEAR

Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Education at the University of Buckingham
His lecture was entitled

Liberal Education, Human Nature and the State


Our Second Academic Research Forum was held in London at the Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June 2015. The theme of the Conference was Continuity, Challenge or Change? - European Cultural and Intellectual Identity before and after the Enlightenment.

Videos of the lectures are available on our Youtube Channel.

The Forum speakers and papers were as follows:

Prof. Roger Scruton - The Idea of a Secular Culture

Dr Peter Leech (Swansea University) - The cultural patronage of Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart (1725-1807) in Rome.

Dr Giuseppe Pezzini (Magdalen College Oxford) - Receptions of classical texts from late medieval to early modern Europe.

Prof. John Cottingham (Reading University and Heythrop College London) - Descartes, God and Secularism

Dr George Corbett (Trinity College Cambridge) - Reframing the Seven Deadly Sins in the Christian Moral Life: Continuity and Change in Aquinas.

Rev. Dr Michael Lang (Heythrop College London) - Re-approaching Ritual and the Sacred in Late Modernity

Dr Clare Hornsby (Benedictus) and Dr Rafal Szepietowski (Manchester University) - Paintings of astronomy in early 18th century Bologna.

Mr Sebastian Morello (Centre for Catholic Formation) - Democracy and Royal Power: Nature and the Ideal of European Government.

Dr Fernando Cervantes (University of Bristol) - The Ethics of Elfland: the notion of virtue in Cervantes, Shakespeare and Montaigne.

Dr Adriano Aymonino (University of Buckingham) - The Classical Ideal from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth-Century.

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