Residential Summer School at Heythrop College in central London

Sunday 10th August to Friday 22nd August.

We are running a two week summer school in London using conference facilities and accommodation at Heythrop College in Kensington, London. The course size is limited to 15 students.

The participants will have a unique opportunity to sample a traditional liberal arts education - the foundation of learning which formed the core of all university education in the West for hundreds of years.

Students will learn from, and discuss, the greatest works of philosophy, theology, history and art in a course designed to highlight the important thematic connections between all subjects. Our aim is to give students the chance to deepen their understanding of Europe's cultural and intellectual heritage.

The Summer School will include lectures, seminars and roundtable discussion on all core Benedictus subjects as well as daily visits to London's cultural centres.

The Summer School course will cost us around £1500 per student.

We are charging only £400 to make it accessible to a wide range of talented young people.

In addition, some of the students have been awarded half and full scholarships, otherwise they would not have the chance of taking part in this type of summer programme. This means that our resources are under pressure and so we are asking for your support.

£1500 - sponsors the full cost of the course for one student

£1000 - pays for seminar room hire for a week

£300 - pays for academic staff for a morning's tuition

£150 - the cost of an evening lecture

£80 - entry fees for a student for the course's cultural activities

£35 - one night's student accommodation

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Any amount that you can give will go directly towards the cost of supporting students on this ground-breaking course and make it possible for us to plan similar courses in the future. All donors will be invited to join the students and tutors for our evening lectures; the speakers will include Rev. Dr Michael Lang, Prof. Guido Milanese and Dr Rafal Szepietowski.

The Summer School will introduce students to the founding elements of European civilisation - from the ancient world to the formation of Christian Europe.

The specially integrated nature of the course, combined with the small seminar discussion method is a new way of learning through texts that is not currently found elsewhere in the British higher education system. Combining classroom discussion with visits to works of art and architecture is a unique way of entering into the minds of the principal authors who shaped our culture and we believe an invaluable learning experience packed into a short Summer study programme.

Each morning students will attend seminars in which the emphasis will be on reading and interpreting original texts such as the work of Plato, Aquinas, Dante and Shakespeare. Everyone will be encouraged to develop their skills of reasoning and debate whilst developing their understanding of how these works have shaped modern society.

Afternoons will be spent out of the classroom on a trip to one of London's most important cultural centres, such as the National Gallery or British Museum, where a member of our Academic Team will guide students in their discussion of great works of art.

Download the Summer School prospectus here.