Student Life

Why London?

We have chosen London as the home for Benedictus because of its great wealth of history and world-class cultural life. In keeping with our desire for Benedictus to be open to students of all background and creeds, we believe that the enormously diverse city of London is the perfect place for us to be located.

The Foundation Programme and the BA degree course will afford students the opportunity to have access to the British Library and other libraries and research collections, and to study the arts through visits to museums, galleries, concerts and the theatre. We believe that the many sights and experiences available in London are a companion to study, rather than a distraction from it. Coupled with a dedication to learning, at Benedictus students can develop a full appreciation and understanding of our great culture.

We are currently in negotations to acquire a dedicated study facility in central London for Benedictus and will be updating this page as soon as we have more information.