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Catholic Liberal Arts Education in the UK

At Benedictus, we invite students to participate in the continuing conversation of Western civilisation, a living dialogue with its greatest thinkers, writers and artists.

Our course represents a new concept in higher education in the UK and offers an education as unique as it is broad and deep, with a curriculum that formed the core of university education throughout Europe for centuries.

The course is rooted in the classical and Catholic intellectual tradition and our principles centre on education as the development of the whole person through the joyful pursuit of wisdom.

We believe these principles can be shared by all cultures and so Benedictus encourages applications from people of all backgrounds.

Io veggio ben che giĆ  mai non si sazia
nostro intelletto, se 'l ver non lo illustra
di fuor dal qual nessun vero si spazia.

I now see well: we cannot satisfy
our intellect unless it is enlightened by that Truth
beyond whose boundary no truth lies.

Dante, Paradiso 4,126

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